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This album contains Great Britain collections for your enjoyment and education. Like all collections, it grows slowly but steadily, so come back once in a while and see what’s new, or join the mailing list so you’ll get a message when new pages are added to the album.

This album is a little different than the ones that hold your collection. For one thing, it never gets dusty. For another, you don’t have to worry about damaging the stamps.

So wipe off your monitor screen, get comfortable in your chair, click on one of the stamps below and enjoy the Virtual Great Britain Album. Don’t forget to visit the Virtual Machin Album.

Pictorial Regionals Pictorial Regionals

Regional definitives were introduced in 1958 for use in the various countries, or regions, that make up the United Kingdom. For forty years, the regionals featured a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by one or more symbols representing the region. In 1999, Royal Mail recognized the increasing independence of the regions by issuing pictorial regional definitives. New: Images of regionals with white borders. Click on the image to go to the first page.

Tidbits of British Postal History
Tidbits of British Postal History

Postal history can provide a lot of additional insight into a country and its postal services. This collection of covers, from the pre-stamp period to the present, tells many interesting stories.Click on the image to go to the first page.

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