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Label with condemned and released Chris Miller, censored cover expert, January, 2003.   Douglas Muir, Curator, Philately - Heritage, Royal Mail, April, 2003. The Penny Black
1 pound Machin John and Tina Carlson, Proprietors of JET Stamps, July 2003.   Greg Wilkie, Royal Mail’s Head of Stamps Operations, January, 2004. Stock List
Machin Tete Beche Pair Tony Walker, Machin Exhibitor, SAC Member, and Editor of GBPS Newsletter, April 2004.   Michael Sefi, Keeper of the Royal Philatelic Collection, April 2005. Half-penny stamp picturing King George V
Karl Louis' card catalog Karl Louis, philatelic expertiser and sleuth, July, 2006.   David Beech, Head of Philatelic Collections, the British Library, October, 2008.

Postage Rates of the Machin Era:

Modern postage due marking Domestic Postal Rates 1966-2006 compiled by Mark Robinson, July, 1999, and updated by Larry Rosenblum.
Domestic Postal Rates after 2006 PiP compiled by by Larry Rosenblum.
Rates to the United States compiled by Mark Robinson, October, 1999, and updated by Larry Rosenblum.
International Postal Rates starting in 2002, compiled by Larry Rosenblum.
Other Articles:

King Charles II “The Posts Across Stainmore” – new information about postal routes in the 17th century,
January, 1999. King Charles II is pictured.
King George VI Coronation stamp “King George VI Coronation FDCs” – covers prepared for the Coronation of King George VI. The stamp celebrating the event is pictured.
GB Errors Catalog The 2005 Catalogue of Great Britain Stamp Errors and Varieties reviewed by Paul Phillips.
Bookmark Self-Adhesives Catalog The Bookmark Catalogue of Self-Adhesive Stamp Books reviewed by Larry Rosenblum.

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