Review of The 2005 Catalogue of
Great Britain Stamp Errors and Varieties

by Tom Pierron

Reviewed by Paul Phillips, Editor, Great Britain Collectors Club Chronicle

Published in the April, 2005 issue of The Chronicle, the journal of the Great Britain Collectors Club. Reprinted by permission.

This catalogue deals exclusively with the issues of Queen Elizabeth II and is a beautifully produced hardback glossy paper product. [Note: It is also available as an eBook. See below.] It is organized according to the classes of stamps, certainly appropriate for the collector who specializes in particular issues. It begins with some very useful definitions and then has a chapter for each group of stamps.

Errors Each chapter has its own page numbering system, and the book is profusely illustrated in full color throughout. It also contains very useful illustrations of the watermarks and phosphors where they exist, making the identification of phosphor errors easy for novices who wish to begin to specialize.

The book deals with errors of perforation, color and phosphor placement. Color varieties include missing colors, color shifts and known color variegations. It also includes trials, imperforates, imprimaturs, etc. Known quantities are listed for each error as are the current prices.

Although the very comprehensive definition of errors and varieties at the front of the book contains such items as dry prints and paper folds, the catalogue does not, itself, list such varieties, as far as I can tell. I did look, too, as I collect such varieties on selected Machin issues. Souvenir sheets and booklets are also included, but I cannot tell how comprehensive that is, because of my own lack of knowledge.

The last issue in the catalogue in the Decimal Special Issues section is the October 12, 2004 Crimean War issue, which should give you a good idea of how up to date this book really is!

In the introductory pages, the author explains that a 2004 edition was planned but never made it to the publication stage in time. This 2005 edition is, in fact, the first edition.

You can find full information on the book on the web site The web site contains full color reproductions of pages and much more information about the book. The price of the book is £49.95. Mailing is free within the U.K., £10 to Europe and £20 to the rest of the world.

There is also an eBook — an electronic version of the book that comes on PDF files. The files contain bookmarks and links, so navigation is easy. It is too large to be downloaded, so the author sends it on CD-ROM. The price is £14.95 plus £2.50 to Europe and £3.75 to the rest of the world.

The book (either paper or CD) can be ordered using a form on the web site, but this is insecure. There is also a link to PayPal, a secure internet payment system, for ordering. Both methods allow the use of credit cards.

The book is published by Bacchic Multimedia, PO Box 247, Guildford, Surrey, GU13 1EL, UK.

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