British Domestic Pricing in Proportion Postal Rates

Compiled by by Larry Rosenblum

Domestic Rates (1966-2006)
Rates to U.S. (1968-2000)
International Rates (2000-present)

With the introduction of Pricing in Proportion for domestic mail on August 21, 2006, Royal Mail makes a fundamental change in the way postage is calculated. The last such change occurred in 1839 with the introduction of the uniform four-penny post, when a standard, country-wide rate schedule based on weight replaced the former system of calculating postage based on distance and number of sheets of paper.

This new system, known as PiP, merits the introduction of a new rate table here at — and besides, the old one is long enough anyway. Please let me know of any errors in this table.

    Letters Large Letters Packets Recorded Delivery
Signed For

in addition to postage
Beginning Ending First Class Second Class First Class Second Class First Class Second Class Special Delivery
    0-100g 0-100g 0-100g 101-250g 0-100g 101-250g 0-100g 101-250g 0-100g 101-250g   Note 3
Aug 21, 2006 Apr 1, 2007 32p 23p 44p 65p 37p 55p £1.00 £1.27 84p £1.09 68p £4.10
Apr 2, 2007 Apr 6, 2008 34p 24p 48p 70p 40p 60p £1.09 £1.38 92p £1.20 70p £4.30
Apr 7, 2008 Apr 5, 2009 36p 27p 52p 78p 42p 66p £1.14 £1.45 95p £1.24 72p £4.60
Apr 6, 2009 Apr 5, 2010 39p 30p 61p 90p 47p 76p £1.28 £1.62 £1.08 £1.41 75p £4.95
Apr 6, 2010 Apr 3, 2011 41p 32p 66p 95p 51p 81p £1.39 £1.72 £1.17 £1.51 74p
Note 4
Apr 4, 2011 Apr 29, 2012 46p 36p 75p £1.09 58p 92p £1.58 £1.96 £1.33 £1.72 77p £5.45/£5.90
Note 5
                0-750g 751g-1kg 0-750g 751g-1kg    
Apr 30, 2012   60p 50p 90p £1.20 69p £1.10 £2.70 £4.30 £2.20 £3.50 95p £5.90/£6.45

Click here for rates before August 21, 2006.

First day of Pip cancel
Cancel from the first day of Pricing in Proportion. Since this is an item that was sent internationally (to me!), it does not reflect a PiP rate.

Notes about the chart:

1. “Letters” are often referred to as “Standard Letters.”

2. The following table shows the size and weight limits for the three categories of mail.

  Length Width Thickness Weight
Letters under 240mm
Approx 10"
under 165mm
Approx 7"
under 5mm
Approx 1/5"
under 100g
Approx 3 1/2oz
Large Letters under 353mm
Approx 14"
under 250mm
Approx 10"
under 25mm
Approx 1"
under 750g
Approx 1lb 11oz
Packets over 353mm
Approx 14"
over 250mm
Approx 10"
over 25mm
Approx 1"
over 750g
Approx 1lb 11oz

Second-class service is only available for items weighing less than 1kg.

If any one criterion is exceeded, the item must be sent at the higher class. For example, an item that is 200mm long, 180mm wide, 3mm thick and weighs 80g must be mailed as a large letter because the width exceeds the 165mm limit for letters.

3. Special Delivery is not affected by the change to Pricing in Proportion. The rate shown includes postage for an item up to 100g and compensation of £500. Higher weights and compensations are available at higher cost. The rate shown pays for next day delivery; next day delivery guaranteed by 9am is available at a higher rate.

International mail is not affected by Pricing in Proportion.

4. This is not an error. The surcharge (fee in addition to postage) for Recorded Delivery Signed For went down by 1p.

5. The first price is for up to 100g, the second is for up to 500g.

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