Philately's Oldest Friend The Great Britain Collectors Club (GBCC) brings together collectors of Great Britain stamps and related items. It offers something for everyone, regardless of level of experience or years of collecting. We have members who are neophytes and we have very knowledgeable veterans who are willing to help any interested Great Britain collector. The emphasis is on having an educational and friendly society. Help is available to any member asking information or advice, or just for sharing of the hobby.


See the winners of the Tom Current Founder’s Award for best GB exhibit here.

Articles from The Chronicle

Some articles from GBCC’s quarterly journal, The Chronicle, are reprinted on this site.

“In The Spotlight” interviews with key members of the philatelic community.

Postal Rates of the Machin Era


The GBCC has several publications of interest to Great Britain Collectors. The quarterly journal, The Chronicle, features many regular columnists and articles spanning a wide range of topics. The GBCC Handbook of British Philately for the Intermediate Collector is a complete guide to British philately. New members of the GBCC receive a 15% discount on Handbook purchases during their first year of membership.

Download a free copy of Mike Batty’s book, Penny Stars Used Abroad, on that page.


The GBCC holds meetings at major philatelic events throughout the year. Upcoming meetings are announced here. There are several show reports with photographs. Do join us for an enjoyable and educational experience.


President Tom Slemons
Vice President Paul Phillips
Secretary-Treasurer Steve McGill
Editor Jeff Modesitt
Director #1 Tim Burgess
Director #2 Doug McGill
Director #3 Ray Simpson

Share your knowledge with us

Our members are always eager to learn something new about GB philately. If you have been collecting British stamps or postal history, or a related subject, we’d like you to share your knowledge and experience with us. Please consider writing an article for The Chronicle, even if it is only a page or two long. (Longer articles also welcome, of course.) Click here for more information about submitting an article for publication.

Sound Interesting? Want To Join In The Fun?

Just fill out our online application, pay using PayPal or other method, and you’re in! Start here. Alternatively, you can download the membership form in PDF format by clicking here or view and print it here. If you would like more information or have a specific question, write to Steve McGill, Secretary-Treasurer, at steve.mcgill@comcast.net

To receive a sample issue of The Chronicle, the journal of the GBCC, send US $2 (refundable when you join) to Steve McGill, 10309 Brookhollow Circle, Highlands Ranch CO 80129-1800 USA. (If you are outside the United States, you may send mint full-gum or self-adhesive U.S. stamps.)

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