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Welcome to the Virtual Machin Album at This album contains Machin collections for your enjoyment and education. Like all collections, it grows slowly but steadily, so come back once in a while and see what’s new, or join the mailing list for notification of when new pages are added.

This album is a little different than the ones that hold your collection. For one thing, it never gets dusty. For another, you don’t have to worry about damaging the stamps.

So wipe off your monitor screen, get comfortable in your chair, click on one of the links below and enjoy the Virtual Machin Album. Don’t forget to visit the Virtual Great Britain Album.

The 40th Anniversary of the Machins The 40thAnniversary of the Machins

In 2007, Royal Mail celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Machins with several stamp issues. All of the issues are shown here in the Virtual Machin Album. Included are the £1 Machin in the new ruby color, a souvenir sheet, a prestige booklet, a “generic sheet,” two first day covers and a presentation pack. (The generic sheet, presentation pack and covers will be added soon.) Click on the image to go to the first page.

The Machin Story The Machin Story

The Machin definitives were introduced in 1967. Although the basic design has remained unchanged to this day, almost every other characteristic of these stamps has changed, many of them several times. This section of the Virtual Machin Album tells the story of the Machins. It’s a long, complicated story with hundreds of varieties (thousands, if you count subtle differences) issued over the years. Only highlights are presented here, but it will give you a good idea of how the series has evolved. (Come back from time to time as more pages will be added periodically.) Click on the image to go to the first page.

Profile on Print Profile on Print

The Profile on Print booklet was issued in 1999 and is the second of three booklets issued as a prelude to The Stamp Show 2000, held in May, 2000 in London. The booklet celebrates the Machin profile with five different Machin stamps produced by five different printing methods. The complete booklet is shown here in the Virtual Machin Album, along with enlargements and collateral material. Click on the image to go to the first page.

Designer Machins Designer Machins

The classic Machin design has been with us since 1967. In the recent past, Royal Mail has issued special versions of the Machins to mark various occasions or for special purposes. The 1840 Anniversary Machins, issued in 1990, and the Millennium Definitive, issued in 2000, were indeed specially designed. The Royal Wedding Machin, issued in 1997 and made permanent in 2002, has a metallic gold color to make it stand out from the usual Machins. The International One-Stop Machins, originally called Universal Machins, and the Pricing in Proportion Machins have very different designs while still incorporating Machin’s portrait. All these Machins are shown here in the Virtual Machin Album. Click on the image to go to the first page.

High Values High Values

The Machin high values have gone through more drastic changes than the low values. The first high values were engraved and larger than the low values. These were replaced by gravure versions that were even larger. After disappearing for 11 years, the Machin high values returned in the same size as the lower values, first intaglio and then printed in gravure. The first display here in the Virtual Machin Album are the small versions of 1999 through 2003. Later, this section will be expanded to show the earlier issues. Click on the image to go to the first page. Virtual Machin Album Machin Mania  

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