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The second interleaf
  Enlargement of the image of a single Penny Black from the second interleaf.  
The image of a single Penny Black, enlarged from the second interleaf. It was designed by Sir Rowland Hill because he did not like any of the more than 2,000 entries submitted to the Treasury Design Contest. Most of the design elements were chosen to discourage counterfeiting: the use of engraving as the printing method, the check letters at the lower corners, the machine-produced design on the left and right sides and the choice of a portrait as the central design. A portrait was chosen because the human eye can readily distinguish subtle differences in a face, a skill that might be necessary to distinguish a forgery from a real stamp.
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Enlargement of one of Machin's pencil sketches.
Enlargement of a portrait of Machin at work.
  Enlargements of one of the pencil sketches and the portrait of Machin at work from the second interleaf of the booklet.  
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